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News delivery is broken. We're helping to fix it. The challenge, we believe, isn't to optimize for Big Tech's platforms. It's to get news from publisher to consumer more directly.

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A blueprint for re-building the supply chain for news

Three technologies could serve as the building blocks for a better way to get news to users without the big social and search silos.

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RSS feeds for journalists

We recently contributed on GitHub to RSS inventor Dave Winer's project to curate a free list of feeds for journalists. Dave wants reporters and editors to re-incorporate RSS, an open standard, into their daily news consumption in lieu of proprietary social plaforms.

Ad-supported media faces a new rival for revenue: Amazon

Publishers are already up in arms about the combined hegemony of Facebook and Google in digital ads. Now another tech giant could be coming to eat everyone's lunch.

Net neutrality protestors

Net neutrality is lost. Now what?

Our analysis of the FCC's decision to end net neutrality in the U.S., published right after the commission voted in December.

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Helping Vice get Market Movers going

Indizr founder Peter A. McKay worked with Vice News in 2017 to launch Market Movers, a sponsored-content project for their Money page. The coverage spanned everything from cryptocurrencies to retailing to gasoline prices.