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Swole Jeff

Digital publishers face an unlikely new rival for ad revenue

Don't look now, but Facebook and Google aren't the only tech giants that traditional ad-supported media need to worry about these days.

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computer networking illustration

The blockchain's hyperdeflation problem

Perversely, the long-term boom in bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies may be a big obstacle to crypto reaching its full potential to bring true egalitarianism to the internet economy. We looked into this in a guest post for our client Dispatch Labs, a San Francisco blockchain startup.

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Net neutrality protesters

Net neutrality in the U.S. is lost. Now what?

When the Federal Communications Commission first voted to roll back its net neutrality rules in December 2017, we weighed in on the possible ramifications for users and the economy. Months later, we'd say our outlook has held up pretty well.

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Tara Reed making a presentation

Some great product advice for non-technical founders

No engineer on your team? No problem! Ex-Microsoftie Tara Reed has some great tips here on building "apps without code."

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