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Web 3.0 for Newbies

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Learn more about the emerging decentralized vision of the internet (aka "Web 3.0") with this curated collection of links to articles, whitepapers, and other resources on the topic.

Has Facebook built a better stablecoin with Libra?

Facebook illo

Facebook has set up legitimately independent governance for its new cryptocurrency project. But do the economics of the thing make sense?

Bound for the Big Apple

NYC skyline

Some happy personal news to report: I'm moving back to my hometown -- New York, New York!

Why blockchain really matters
brainstorming with post-its

You should probably be paying more attention to blockchain, but not because of any surge in cryptocurrency prices. The technology's real potential is much bigger and more important than that.

A brief release history of the web
Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Since Tim Berners-Lee's invention of the web in 1989, it's been through several significant generational changes. Here's a brief summary of them, leading up to the current Web 3.0 movement.

Why we need the ad model to survive
hand bills everywhere!

We should all stop wishing for the death of digital ads. Better to fix, not end, this uniquely valuable means of supporting digital content creators.

YouTubers are leading BAT adoption

Creators on YouTube have been the most enthusiastic users so far of Basic Attention Token, a new tool to monetize their videos. There's good reason why.

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