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Hello, Web 3.0 world.

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Indizr provides information for newbies and geeks alike regarding Web 3.0, defined loosely as anything that helps decentralize people's access to digital information online.

For example:

  • Blockchain
  • Semantic Web
  • Containerization
  • Open Source
  • Linux

Indizr is maintained by Peter A. McKay, a consultant and former prize-winning reporter for the Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. He co-founded a digital media startup upon leaving the Journal in 2010 and has since worked independently on projects for companies in blockchain, news, healthcare, and other industries.

Indizr is dedicated to the idea that the real solution to market concentration in tech isn't to get Death Star-sized platform companies to act better; it's for the rest of us to purposefully set about making the world less reliant on them, while we still can. This process should also naturally lead us to lift up a bunch of upstart products and companies.

Which is really what capitalism and innovation are supposed to be about, no?