Publishers and users have become way too reliant on massive tech companies' platforms to deliver the news. We're here to help fix that.

We believe the real solution isn't to optimize better for the big platforms, or to harangue them into adding better delivery features. It's to end the over-reliance. Just get news to people more directly.

That's no small task, to be sure. That's why we're interested in working with news organizations over time in the following areas:

  • Integration of new technologies
  • Development of new ones
  • Project management
  • Content strategy and/or generation
  • Research of new products and market opportunities
  • Managing digital transformation
  • Advising senior leadership
  • Staff training
  • Identifying and tracking new metrics for independence

If you need outside help with these areas of innovation, or others, let's talk more. Just drop us an email at to get the conversation going.

— Peter A. McKay