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A timely reminder to work on the BHAGs

When I was a kid, space exploration was still the major beneficiary of whatever popular interest in technology existed. Yes, there was early public interest in computing — this is the 1980s I’m talking about — but space was still way more likely to capture the average Joe or Jane’s attention. You can even tell

Mozilla is getting ahead of the AI curve

Glad to see the Mozilla Foundation, which is primarily known for its Firefox web browser, has also been working on some open-source tools for artificial intelligence lately. It’s important that this area of innovation, in its early stages, not be ceded exclusively to oligarch-sized corporate players building proprietary stuff. Mozilla has recently published several datasets

Atari is working on a Linux set-top box

I’m not a big gamer, but like any red-blooded Gen Xer, I have a soft spot for all things Atari. Hence I’m beyond jazzed to hear the company is working on a new set-top device, dubbed the Ataribox. Details are still fuzzy, but in recent months the company has released some tantalizing pics of hardware

Use DigitalOcean to avoid Amazon’s cloud

I’m going to geek out a bit with this installment of The Replacements, our ongoing series about specific products you can use in lieu of ones from the Frightful Five tech companies. Our first Replacements post was about internet search — something we all do everday as we consume information. But what about when you