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Update on My Great Facebook Escape

I briefly mentioned a little while back that I want to phase out my Facebook account. To pull off this difficult task, I’m using the concept of “sunsetting” as a consumer that Silicon Valley companies often apply to old products of their own. I’ve now announced this decision to my friends on the platform, told


Some noteworthy links about digital privacy, free speech, and hacking that we’ve come across recently: Anders Gyllenhaal, a senior editor at McClatchy, asks a provocative question: Do we still believe in free speech? Ex-CIA director James Woolsey and legendary hacker Brian J. Fox, who invented the Bash command line, write in a New York Times

WordPress maker publishes federal requests for user information

For non-geeks, the company Automattic isn’t exactly among tech’s household names. Their stock isn’t publicly listed, and they don’t do slick TV commercials, like Apple or even Google on occasion. But you’ve almost certainly heard of Automattic’s flagship product — the WordPress content-management system. It runs about a quarter of all websites, including this one.