The Digital News Delivery Working Group

We are an open community dedicated to finding and creating ways to distribute news that are web-based, publisher-hosted, and open source.

Most journalism innovation efforts to date have focused on newsgathering and storytelling — areas of obvious interest to reporters and editors. While we applaud those efforts, DNDWG is focused on what happens after the traditional work of a journalist is done — the delivery of news to actual consumers.

For two decades, news organizations have essentially ceded this job to large tech companies, ultimately to disastrous effect. Working journalists, being great problem describers by nature, have now begun documenting in great detail this approach's colossal failings and repercussions for both the news industry and society at large.

DNDWG is dedicated to solving problems around news delivery, not just describing them, in collaboration with journalists, technologists, and other stakeholders. Please join us!

Partcipate in DNDWG

Anyone interested in DNDWG's goals is welcome to particpate in our work. There are several ways to get involved, including: