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Atari is working on a Linux set-top box

I’m not a big gamer, but like any red-blooded Gen Xer, I have a soft spot for all things Atari. Hence I’m beyond jazzed to hear the company is working on a new set-top device, dubbed the Ataribox. Details are still fuzzy, but in recent months the company has released some tantalizing pics of hardware

Linux is my ecosystem

We are conditioned as users to think our choice of computer operating systems is binary — Mac or Windows. It’s an ancient tech rivalry, spawned by two of the most renowned entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley history, Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. And, of course, there were those twee commercials in the 2000s with actor John


Some noteworthy links about digital privacy, free speech, and hacking that we’ve come across recently: Anders Gyllenhaal, a senior editor at McClatchy, asks a provocative question: Do we still believe in free speech? Ex-CIA director James Woolsey and legendary hacker Brian J. Fox, who invented the Bash command line, write in a New York Times